About Us

At Vitalis Healthcare, our nurses and caregivers are our greatest assets. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality care vital to the health and well being of our patients. Hence only folks who have accepted nursing and care giving as a life calling can thrive in our work environment. We commit to train, support and empower them and provide a work environment conducive to fulfilling their life passion. We offer a positive career environment in which our caregivers contribute to the decision-making process and have a personal stake in the well-being of their patient.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

  •  Your loved one’s caregivers will be supervised by a very experienced registered nursing team lead by our Director of Nursing.
  •  We manage your care with a home-care management solution that allows you and our management team to track real time the tasks and activities to be performed in each shift. This ensures measurable, consistent and reliable care is provided to your loved one.
  •  Your care team will receive customized refresher training offered by a leading professional care educational institute to help them be better prepared for the special needs of your loved one. This is in addition to the professional certification and ongoing skill-development they receive as part of their ongoing continuing education.
  •  Also because we believe caregiving is a collaboration with family members, we offer family members the same customized training programs we give our care teams. This enables family members better navigate the somewhat confusing and complex world of aging and elder care.
  •  Finally we assign a case manager to work with you on a regular basis to make sure that all the many parts of providing care for your loved one is taken care of and nothing falls through the cracks. The case manager is involved in every aspect of care delivery from intake, planning of care, scheduling of care-givers and ongoing management of care.


We provide services in the Maryland and Virginia.


8757 Georgia Avenue Suite 440 Silver Spring, MD 20910


MONDAY TO FRIDAY : 9:00 AM – 5:00 


SUNDAY : Closed