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What does a Vitalis Personal Companion Aide do? Our PCAs provide personal care, assist with ambulation and perform other procedures as directed by Nursing or Therapy services. At all times the PCA works under written instructions prepared by your Client Care Coordinator and based on physician’s plans or treatments.

What our Residential Health Care Aides Do.

Personal Care

Our aides can help the patient with bathing, including helping the patient get in and out of the bath, or helping the patient wash themselves. If requested our aides can assist with beauty and bathroom use.


Sometimes a patient may want or need light housekeeping assistant, including dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, organizing and or even washing dishes. These chores are things that the patient is ordinarily unable to do by themselves.

Daily Activities of Patient

It is important to keep a log of the daily activities of the patient, for both the family and the physician. Our Aides will track and document the daily activities of the patient. This may include meals eaten and housework performed, or if the patient and aide left the home at any time. In some cases, other health care initiatives may also need to be documented.​


Vitalis Healthcare Residential Health Aides may assist the patient with arranging errands, such as meals on wheels or grocery delivery services.​

Meal Preparation

Our Residential Health Aides can help prepare meals if requested. This may include breakfast, lunch and dinner, depending on the aide’s hours.

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