How to keep the seniors active & engaged at home

Before delving deeper into the ways to keep your loved ones engaged, let’s understand the reasons. For starters, staying engaged keeps them happy. They don’t get enough spare time to think negative thoughts. Activities like exercises release happy hormones.  This is why personal care assistance services in Silver spring, Maryland emphasize such activities.


What you can do to keep them active. Let’s understand below.


Encourage them to cook

Of course, do so if they don’t face mobility issues. With a plethora of cooking videos online, it is easier for anyone to cook or bake delicious stuff. You can strengthen your bond by being part of cooking sessions. Or, you can hire personal care assistance services in Silver Spring. The home health aides from these agencies help seniors in activities like cooking.


Teach them video calling

In the current era, it is impossible to do office tasks without video calling. This technology has become an integral part of our personal lives, too. Why should your loved ones be devoid of this technology. Teach  them how to call others using mobile apps or laptops. An advantage of doing so is that you can be sure they are doing well even if you are somewhere away. They can interact with their friends or grandkids, thereby adding more colors to their life.


Enroll them in online courses

Thanks to online learning portals and apps, it is easier to learn virtually anything. The best part is that fees of the online courses are reasonable. Whether someone wants to take lessons in psychology of happiness or even stand up comedy, it is possible. The pre-recorded sessions ensure the learners acquire the skills at their own pace. Know about their interests and encourage them to be part of such courses.


We hope these activities will keep them happy and active in their golden years. You can also take the help of personal care assistance services in Silver Spring, Maryland, for this purpose.


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