Ensuring that the elderly are made aware of how to protect themselves from the covid-19 virus is essential to preventing them from being infected by the virus and preserving their lives. For older people with underlying and chronic health issues, it is even more necessary that they are sensitized on the mandatory measures needed to protect themselves from the covid-19 virus. Here are a few ways you can protect yourself as an elderly person or protect an elderly person around you from the covid-19 virus.

  1. GET VACCINATED: Ensure that they get the Covid-19 vaccination. This helps to provide a good level of immunity from the virus and reduces the risk of exacerbating any underlying illnesses and  triggering fatal complications.
  1. GET BOOSTER SHOTS: Following up vaccination with Covid-19 booster shots are recommended as a way to maintain immunity from the virus. Staying updated on available booster shots and getting them in good time is a good way to ensure that the elderly are protected from the virus.
  1. MAKE USE OF MASKS: Encouraging them to wear well fitted masks that properly cover their nose and mouth in public spaces and places where there are many people is an essential way to protect older people from being infected by the covid-19 virus.
  1. PRIORITIZE DIGITAL USE: Teaching older people how to take advantage of their digital devices for things like socializing with family and friends, purchasing groceries, essentials and medical supplies, and initiating bank transactions, can help to limit their physical interactions with possibly infected people.
  1. PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING: Following the United Nations prescribed guideline of maintaining a distance of 1 meter from people in public is one way to protect the elderly from possible infection.
  1. ENSURE YOUR CAREGIVERS ARE TESTED & VACCINATED: Ensuring that caregivers for older people are vaccinated against covid-19 and regularly tested for covid-19 helps to ensure that they are not exposed to the covid-19 virus.
  1. MAINTAIN GOOD HYGIENE: Make sure that they are regularly washing their hands with soap and running water, regularly applying alcohol-based hand sanitizers to kill bacteria on their hands, and that their environments are regularly cleaned and disinfected with sanitizing products. All of this will help to reduce and eliminate possible bacterial and viral load around them and prevent a covid-9 infection.
  1. CROSS VENTILATION: Being in spaces where there is adequate cross ventilation and air circulation is necessary for avoiding possible concentration of the covid-19 virus released by anyone in their environment.
  1. BUILD YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: The weaker their immune system is, the more susceptible they would be to being infected by the covid-19 virus. Ensuring that they are building their immune system is a proactive way to keep them protected from being infected. They can proactively build their immune system by getting a flu vaccination, eating nutrient dense meals, taking vitamin supplements, staying active, cutting off smoking and drinking, exposing themselves to moderate sun exposure in order to soak in vitamin D. All of these help to strengthen their immune system and make them less susceptible to the covid-19 virus.
  1. REGULAR HEALTH MONITORING: Going for regular health check-ins with their professional health care providers can be helpful to maintaining good health or quickly identifying symptoms and treating it.


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