Companion caregiving is a type of caregiving service that is focused on providing companionship for people who are lonely, ill or disabled. Due to a number of biological, physiological and societal factors, a large percentage of the elderly population fall into this category. Companion care for the elderly is important as it is statistically proven that loneliness amongst the elderly can lead to a decline in their general wellbeing and also be a trigger for other health conditions. 

If you or your loved one is a senior who happens to be living alone, is disabled or ill and has little to no company or active socialization in their lives, you may want to consider hiring a companion caregiver. 

But first, let’s take a look at a few benefits of hiring a companion caregiver for the elderly;

  1. Social Interaction: A companion caregiver provides the opportunity for social interaction with their clients by engaging them in conversations or shared fun activities such as watching TV, reading books or playing games. This helps to combat loneliness and reduces the risk of depression.
  2. Daily Living Assistance: The presence of a companion caregiver also provides an assistant to help out with light personal daily activities which their clients may not be able to do without the help of another person. 
  3. Emotional Support: Companion caregivers provide emotional support to their clients through their presence, their engagement through conversations and shared activities and by being a listening ear to the thoughts, ideas, or concerns of their clients. 
  4. Relief for Worried family members: Family members or close friends who may live far away and are unable to regularly check in with their senior loved ones who are lonely will have some relief from their worries with the presence of a companion caregiver.
  5. Safety and Supervision: Companion caregivers can also provide a sense of safety for their clients as well as supervision, particularly for those clients who may be ill or disabled and require assistance with mobility or high risk activities.


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