Providing care for recovering cancer patients involves addressing various physical, emotional and practical needs. Here are a few caregiving needs for recovering cancer patients;

  1. Medical Monitoring and Assistance: There is a need for assistance with ensuring medication adherence, monitoring and keeping track of vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate and temperature in order to quickly detect and call the attention of medical professionals to any side effects. 
  2. Emotional Support: People recovering from cancer have been through and are going through a very challenging process and event in their lives. This often leaves them in an emotionally vulnerable or bankrupt state which is why one of the responsibilities of a caregiver with such a patient is providing emotional support in ways that can boost the emotional wellbeing of their client. For example, this can be done through being present, empathetic, very warm and respectful in communication with them, also by offering encouraging and affirming words.
  3. Mobility and Rehabilitation Support: There is a need for support with mobility and appropriate physical activity such as recommended exercises, which caregivers can provide, especially if the patient experiences weakness, fatigue or balance issues. Caregivers can also provide them with encouragement and assistance with prescribed physical rehabilitation therapy regimen aimed at promoting increased strength, flexibility and recovery.
  4. Nutritional Support: Recovering cancer patients require nutritional diets to replenish their body nutrients that will facilitate their recovery to full health. Caregivers can help to ensure that their meals are prepared according to the nutritional recommendations of their health care providers.
  5. Basic Daily Living Activities: Caregivers provide assistance with daily living activities for recovering cancer patients. Tasks like dressing, personal hygiene, grooming, household chores, bathing, and any other tasks that the patient may find challenging during recovery.
  6. Instrumental Daily Living Activities: Tasks like grocery shopping, accompaniment to medical checkups, assisting with financial matters such as insurance claims, medical bills, and exploring available financial resources, can be handled by a professional caregiver while the patient is still recovering.


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