How to care for your mental health as you age

Mental health is a state of mental wellness which includes the cognitive, emotional and behavioral well-being of a person which enables them to cope with the stress of life, realize their abilities, learn well and work well, and contribute to their community and society.

As people get older, they can begin to experience a decline in their mental health due to accumulated stress from their work, relationships and health.

It is therefore important to prioritize caring for your mental health as it is crucial to living a functional, healthy and well balanced life even as you age.

Here are a few ways you can actively care for your mental health;

  1. Get Quality Sleep: Establish a regular sleep routine and prioritize getting enough sleep every day. At least 8 hours of sleep is recommended by the World Health Organisation. Sleep depravity can negatively affect your mental health but sufficient sleep can positively boost your mental health.
  2. Maintain Social Connections: Keeping your social connections and maintaining an active social life with friends, family and colleagues, helps to relieve stress, anxiety, combat isolation and improves your mood which in turn significantly contributes to boosting your overall mental health.
  3. Stay Mentally Stimulated: Regularly stimulating your mind by staying up to date with current affairs in the news, reading books, engaging in mentally challenging discussions, and even taking new learning courses, helps to exercise your brain and keep your memory active. This helps to boost mental cognitive health and prevent cognitive decline.
  4. Eat Healthy and Nutritious Food: The kinds of food you eat is essential to preserving and improving your mental health. Some foods contain the right kind of nutrients which foster mental development while some foods such as over processed foods contain ingredients that can lead to a decline in mental health.
  5. Stay Physically Active: Exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics, or stretching are light exercises that help you keep fit and also lead to the production of ‘feel good’ chemicals like endorphins and serotonin in the body which are known for improving the mood. The results of regularly incorporating exercises in your daily routine is a great way to care for and improve your mental health as you age.
  6. Engage In Hobbies & Entertainment: Making out time to engage in hobbies you like and entertaining yourself with sitcoms, books,  movies or games helps to destress you and keeps your mental health in a good condition.
  7. Regular Health Check-Ups: Regularly schedule check-ups with healthcare professionals to address any physical or mental health concerns.


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