Responsibilities of care recipient

As fundamental as it is for homecare recipients to know their rights, it is only one side of the coin for a successful home care experience. 

Knowing your responsibilities as a homecare recipient is just as fundamental as knowing your rights because it is the other side of the coin that ensures that you have a positive home care experience where you receive appropriate and effective care. 

Common responsibilities of a homecare recipient includes:

  1. Enabling Home Environment: It is the responsibility of the homecare recipient or those living with them such as family members, relatives or friends, to ensure that the home environment in which the caregiver would be working is comfortable and safe from anything that could potentially hazardous to the safety of both the care recipient and the caregiver.
  1. Communication: Homecare recipients have the responsibility of communicating their health conditions, specific needs, preferences, discomforts and adjustments to their caregivers. This helps to ensure that they remain on the same page with their caregivers and that their caregiving needs are met.
  1. Medication Adherence: Care recipients are responsible for adhering to their medication prescription schedules agreed upon with their caregivers. This is especially even more important when their caregiver may not be physically present to supervise and ensure that they take their medication.
  1. Respect For Caregivers: Care recipients have the responsibility of treating and relating with their caregivers with respect and courtesy. This includes maintaining a cordial and respectful tone when speaking with them, respecting their personal privacies and not probing into their personal lives and business, and recognising and appreciating their care efforts.
  1. Timeliness: Ensuring presence and punctuality to scheduled appointments with caregivers is the responsibility of homecare recipients. This communicates respect for their person and their time. In the case of impromptu arrangements outside of your pre agreed appointment with a caregiver, notify them in advance. 
  1. Respect For Caregiver Policies: Care recipients have the responsibility of abiding by the policies, guidelines and procedures established by their caregivers or by their homecare agencies.


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