Recovering from an illness especially after being discharged from hospital admission is a journey that requires patience, compassion and dedication to doing the right things that will facilitate your recovery.
Here are 5 practices that when adopted can help boost your post-hospital recovery process;

  1. Get Enough Rest: It can be tempting to want to get right back into your normal routine and activities after you have been discharged from hospital but at this point your strength level is still low and your body still needs enough rest in order to fully recover.  Create a comfortable sleeping and resting area in your home and prioritize getting sufficient rest as this is what will help your body recover.
  2. Follow Medical Advice: Follow the instructions given by your medical health care professional and adhere to the prescriptions provided. If you have any follow-up appointments, ensure to meet up with them as well. This is important to ensure that your recovery process is complete.
  3. Have Social Support: Surrounding yourself with family and/or friends you are fond of and comfortable with while recovering is great for boosting your mental and emotional health which can also help facilitate your recovery.
  4. Engage In Light Exercises: Gradually begin to engage in light physical activity and exercise as recommended by your healthcare provider. This can help you with regaining strength and improving your overall mood.
  5. Gradually Reintegrate Normal Daily Activities: Gradually begin incorporating your normal daily activities ensuring to do them at your own pace and at the level of your strength.

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