Good personal hygiene is about keeping the body clean in order to prevent germs and infections that lead to sickness or worsen sickness. For people who are aging, maintaining good personal hygiene is both essential and crucial because of the increased chances of sicknesses and diseases. Adhering to personal hygiene practices also helps to promote the general physical and mental wellbeing of older people which helps to improve their overall quality of life.

Here are few personal hygiene practices to adopt in order to stay healthy and promote your general wellbeing:

  1. Daily Baths: Bathing at least once a day is a good practice to keep the skin clean and avoid bacteria build-up and infections which can lead to skin problems or other kinds of sickness.
  1. Healthy Eating: Eating healthy foods is a good way to maintain personal hygiene as what we eat affects both the internal and external health of the body. Eating foods like high-fiber foods and fruits, protein, vegetables and whole grains are great for your digestive system and help to keep you energized.
  1. Regular Hand Washing: Washing your hands with soap as often as possible under running water for at least 60 seconds is a good hygiene practice. This practice is essential because the hands are easy magnets for viruses and bacteria due to how frequently they come in contact with people and surfaces which can lead to sickness or the spread of sickness to others when not washed off of the hands.
  1. Brush Twice A Day: Brushing your teeth in the mornings and evenings prevents the possibility of gum disease, helps to strengthen your gums and reduces your risk of illnesses associated with poor oral hygiene.
  1. Clean Laundry: Wearing clean clothing, underwear and sleeping on clean bedsheets is very important to maintaining good personal hygiene. Ensuring that your laundry is washed often, aired properly and fresh helps to prevent bacteria that latch onto clothes and beddings from causing skin irritations, infections or sickness.
  1. Regular Home Keeping: Keeping the house clean and tidy on a regular basis is a great way to maintain good personal hygiene. You can hire a home caregiver to help out with cleaning and organizing around the house on a regular basis. Home keeping chores like cleaning surfaces, vacuuming and mopping the floors, cleaning windows and washing curtains can help to eliminate bacteria that can lead to illnesses or hinder recovery from sickness.
  1. Regular Sleeping: Getting enough sleep can help with lowering your blood pressure and improving your general mood. Lack of adequate sleep or a poor sleeping pattern can negatively affect your immune system and leave you feeling fatigued all the time. You should aim to achieve 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. This is a good personal hygiene practice that promotes your general wellbeing.
  1. Hydrate Often: Drinking plenty of water at short intervals during the day is a good hygiene practice that helps to prevent dehydration which many seniors are prone to. Hydration has been proven to aid and improve digestion, heart function, body temperature, cognition and metabolism. Staying well hydrated as a senior by drinking water often helps with promoting good health and avoiding health complications.
  1. Manage Incontinence Hygienically: If you have incontinence issues, it is important that you use good incontinence products, change them regularly, clean your genital area often and properly to avoid irritation, keep your skin dry and apply a barrier cream to prevent rashes.
  1. Antiperspirant: Making use of body care antiperspirant products like deodorants that help you stay smelling fresh is a good personal hygiene practice. Using a deodorant in your armpits helps to eliminate underarm bacteria caused by sweat which causes body odor. This leaves you smelling fresh for longer hours, especially in between baths. If you are concerned about the ingredients of some deodorants being toxic, you can purchase natural based deodorants.


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