Signs of elder care abuse

Elder care abuse is the intentional act of negligence or carelessness by a caregiver towards an older person under their care which results in the harm or risk of the older person.

Elder care abuse can occur in the elderly persons home, in a nursing home or in an assisted care living facility.

It is important to understand what elder care abuse is as it can help you take precautions as you hire a caregiver or set guidelines that will ensure such occurrences of abuse are avoided.

Due to the ignorance of the various forms of elder abuse, it can sometimes be ignored or left unchecked which can lead to prolonged harm or even eventual fatality of an elderly person.

In order to help you identify elderly care abuse, here are 5 signs of elderly abuse to take note of;

  1. Neglect and Abandonment: This is when a caregiver consistently fails to show up without prior notice according to their pre-agreed arrangement and also fails to provide the necessary care and attention even when they are present. For example, not doing chores that assist daily living, withholding food, not paying attention to their personal hygiene and not assisting with their prescribed medications are examples of elder care abuse in the form of neglect.
  2. Physical Abuse: This is when a caregiver inflicts physical harm and injury on an elderly person in their care in the form of slapping, hitting, battering, violent pushing or any kind of bodily assault.
  3. Psychological and Emotional Abuse: Caregivers can also inflict psychological and emotional abuse on the elders in their care through verbal and non-verbal actions such as insolence, intimidation, manipulation, isolation, etc.
  4. Financial Abuse: Caregivers who exploit the financial resources of the elderly in their care by stealing from them, coercing them to sign financial documents or change financial agreements are financially abusive.
  5. Sexual Abuse: A caregiver engaging the elder(s) in their care in inappropriate and non-consensual sexual activity is sexually abusive towards their patient.


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